[Hobbit]the slayer of the dragon by Wavesheep

Life is beautiful by Hajin Bae


Mandala of Vajrapani in Esoteric Form. Central Tibet. 1400s.
Vajrapani, “he who holds the thunderbolt sceptre,” appears at the center of this mandala in one of his many esoteric forms. The three-faced, four-armed god holds his thunderbolt sceptre and the bell, while other hands grasp the body of a serpent—held firm between his teeth and trampled beneath his feet. His red hair is gathered like a helmet of molded flames, further adorned with a serpent. Still another delicate serpent winds about his neck.

♕ Arya Stark in Game of Thrones Season 4 “Breaker of Chains”

lymph vessels
nobody seems to care much about these guys, yet your arm would swell up without them — there’s just enough net fluid leak from capillaries to cause problems in the absence of another set of pipes to return that transudate to the circulatory system
let’s have a little respect for lymphatics
colored SEM, 27x
credit: Susumu Nishinaga